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Festival time in the UK catch me playing at "Illusive Festival" at Deene park

and "Logic Festival" in Swansea!


To celebrate the start of the new year in style we bring out two new Uberdruck records releases.

Two of the best producers around "Dj Slideout" and "Sam Punk" hitting the club scene!


 Out now on Ueberdruck records UED37 "Dj Slideout - Backfire E.P."

Long awaited follow up from "Dj Slideout"!

The master of hard bass is back with his strong 2 track Backfire E.P

Incl. the tracks "Freedom Trip" and "The Tube"


All tracks are available exclusive in our Download shop!

    The Tube


   Freedom Trip


Out now on Ueberdruck records UED36 "Sam Punk - E.P."

 including "My Brain - Ueberdruck vs. Sam Punk rmx"


Mr. Punk delivers a tech-trance mix of "My Brain" and goes head to head

with Ueberdruck for an "Ueberdruck vs. Sam Punk" remix of "My Brain"!!

The second track on the vinyl "Sound of the underground" comes with two mixes as well.

One in true hardtrance style and the other one in an up to date hardstyle banger!

This is a huge must have package for all the harder heads!


All tracks are available exclusive in our Download shop!

My Brain - Überdruck

vs. Sam Punk rmx


 My Brain - Sam Punkz 

 phuture hardtech mix


 Sound of the Underground -

 Sam Punkz Hardbazz flavour  



 Sound of the Underground -

 Sam Punkz Hardtrance 

 Club mix


New "Überdruck" Single "Computer Games" out now on Überdruck Records!!

Überdruck teams up with buddys Sam Punk & Mass in Orbit for a storming new release! On the first site you`ll find the Original mix produced by Überdruck & Sam Punk. On the flip you get a crackin Mass in Orbit vs. Überdruck remix! As a special bonus the Vinyl release includes the

sell out and one of the most looked after Tracks  "Drugface - C**tmaster/Überdruck rmx"

Be ready for the next Überdruck smash to hit the club szene!


After only 1 week on sale the Single is straight to the top of the charts.


First reactions:

Uberdruck teams up with hard trance pals Mass In Orbit & Sam Punk for a storming three-track EP named 'Computer Games'. On the A-side is the co-produced 'Computer Games' from Uberdruck & Sam Punk. The track drives with a pulsating Uberdruck hardstyle bassline, combining a sinister driving melodic riff with marching snares and acidic oscillators. The ominous vocals overlay the track throughout as the track reaches a pinnacle in the trancey breakdown. On the flip you get a cracking Mass In Orbit Vs Uberdruck remix that mirrors the A-side but is dark as hell: a nice contrast for the EP, with a light and dark mix for all the hard trance enthusiasts. An added bonus on the EP is the welcome addition of a special Uberdruck remix of 'Cuntmaster'. Definitely worth checking out and makes this EP a definite purchase. Alex Kidd M8 Magazine

Someone once stated this could be THE most consistent hard trance / hardstyle label to date. This is its 35th release since the label started back in 2001 proving Uberdrucks "jedi" like knowlege of this genre is a massive hit among their fans. This 2 tracker measures up nicely with the rest of their discography using the same winning formula of bonecrushing beats and offbeat basslines. The vocal speaks of the old theory that If Pacman had effected us as kids, we would all now be running around in darkened rooms, munching pills and listening to repetetive music. Can you believe this statement originally came from an actual Nintendo ceo back in the 80`s. I don't think he meant it to be ironic, but isnt that how most of the clubbing population spend their weekends nowadays ?. There are 2 mixes to choose from here, the original is in true uberdruck hard trance style whereas the flip see`s a slightly techier version capable of crossing genres. I recommend all fans of hard trance, tech trance and hardstyle give this a look in. (Rascal.


Mass In Orbit have reduced me to a dribbling wreck many many times now with their productions and on first listen to their collaborative remix with Uberdruck of Computer Games I was again left dribbling in a wide eyed gaze wanting to smash the hell out of my amplifier!  This is sheer hard trance with some amazingly dark techno inspired percussion!  Check it out! [VMM Recommended]

    Original mix


   Mass in Orbit vs.     

         Ueberdruck rmx


    Drugface -Cuntmaster

         Ueberdruck rmx


Please note that all files are compressed for listening via internet!


Out now on Überdruck records "DoomJayChrizz - lost in Space"

This is our latest new signing out of Germany.

This release containes the original version and two wicked remixes.

First we have an hot Ig-Bounce & Darq Tai rmx and an absolute wicked Hardstyle remix from Robin Clark.

   lost in Space Ig Bounce & Darq Tai rmx


   Lost in Space Robin Clark rmx

  Original mix


Out now on Überdruck records "Überdruck pres. Logger & Gnetic E.P."

Here comes our latest new signing out of the Uk.

Two wicked fresh productions "Hypertransfer & Polentor" from the boys

plus an "Überdruck" remix of "Hypertransfer"!!




        Ueberdruck rmx



Freakout Anthem incl. Sam Punk vs Dj The Crow Rmx

out now on !

On remix duties Sam Punk teams up with legendary producer The Crow (aka. Uberdruck) for a harder more banging remix version which displays the true Sam Punk & Dj The Crow sound of now. This mix will work well on the floors of many hard trance DJs!

   Sam Punk vs. Dj The Crow rmx


New "Überdruck & Mass in Orbit" Single "XTC Love" out now on Überdruck Records!!

Überdruck teams up with buddy Dj Mass in Orbit!
The Single release contains 3 wicked Versions!

Incl. Original mix + Mass in Orbit rmx + Dj The Crow rmx

   Original mix

   Dj The Crow rmx

  Dj Mass in Orbit rmx


Überdruck at "Sense your mind" on the 6th of February in Sweden!


Überdruck future dj gigs including: UK, Wales, Scotland , USA, Sweden, Canada!


Überdruck at Bionic in Cardif Wales UK

Überdruck at Atmoshere in Seaton UK


Überdruck at "Resonate" in Bournemouth UK


Überdruck in New York City at "Collaborate" in USA

  "Überdruck & Dj Slideout" Australia tour 2007

Überdruck aka The Crow returns to Australia together with Dj Slideout for touring in June and July.

Überdruck is headlining the biggest rave in Australia at the 30th of June in Sydney.

30th of June in Sydney at Utopia

  29th of June in Cairns at Velvet Underground

6th of July in Melbourne at Pharmacy

7th of July in Darwin at Time Nightclub


20.02.07 / Available now on Überdruck Records "Sam Punk vs. Dj The Crow" DAP - 2007!

SAM PUNK vs. DJ THE CROW - DAP 2007... the Legend Anthem is back!

UBERDRUCK RECORDS presents you the next smash 2 track release - "DAP 2007"! A fucked Up Hard Dance - Anthem

incl. a phatt SAM PUNK vs. DJ THE CROW mix - On the flip side you find one of Ueberdruck´s finest work "Sirens of Time" remastered - AWESOME - dont miss it dudez!



   Sam Punk vs. Dj The Crow - D.A.P. 2007 Rmx


   Überdruck - Sirens of time


23.10.06 / 4 Überdruck & Überdruck Records releases in the Top 5 of


10.10.06 / UBD30 Maresse - RuffEnuff?  out now!

Here comes our new signing direct from the core of Denmarks clubs!

Including a phatt "Rephex vs. Abw" remix!

   Original mix

   Rephex Abw remix


28.09.06 / New "Mike Phobos - Cross over" single available now. Produced by "Dj Slideout"!

After the success with his first release on Lengo records the "Hard and holy EP." here comes the new "Mike Phobos -Cross over"

on "Überdruck records" Produced by one of the hottest producers at the moment "Dj Slideout"!

On the flip side you will find the huge "Überdruck - Halluzination Generation" track which is originaly sold out and most looked after.

   Mike Phobos - Cross over

   Überdruck - Halluzination Generation


25.09.06 / Back on track from the OZ/NZ tour.

 I would like to say thank you to Daniel, Brad, Scot Alert, Tennille, Joshua, Nervous, Adrian, Fei bian.

Big thanks to all the crazy clubbers down there who made the tour a big success!!

Keep the vibe alive and have fun! See ya soon!


9.06.06 /  The third Australia and New Zealand "Überdruck - Turntable junky tour 2006"

Überdruck aka The Crow return to Australia and New Zealand for the third "Turntable junky tour 2006" in September.



Our Turntable Slipmat collection has arrived!

A printed slipmat costs 8 euro.

A pair costs 16 euro plus shipping to your country

A printed slipmat costs 8 euro.

A pair costs 16 euro plus shipping to your country

A printed slipmat costs 8 euro.

A pair costs 16 euro plus shipping to your country

A slipmat with special golden foil on it costs 9,50 euro.

A pair costs 19 euro plus shipping to your country

A slipmat with special silver foil on it costs 9,50 euro.

A pair costs 19 euro plus shipping to your country


19.05.06 / After two weeks on sale the Turntable junky rmxs are on Rank 1! of the Charts


07.04.06 / "Überdruck - Turntable junky" The remixes 2006!

One of the most wanted classics is back! TURNTABLE JUNKY is till today one of the most played and most wanted tracks from

DJ THE CROW / UEBERDRUCK! This fresh new remix Vinyl contains a brandnew "ÜBERDRUCK meets DJ SLIDEOUT" REMIX

and a new version from Mr. Hardbass Maniac "SAM PUNK" ! B U R N E R .. . .!

TURNTABLE JUNKY ist bis heute einer der meistgespielten, meistverkauften und meistgewünschten ÜBERDRUCK Tracks!

Auf der Remix Vinyl findet man einen brandneuen "ÜBERDRUCK meets DJ SLIDEOUT" REMIX sowie einen "SAM PUNK" REMIX! B U R N E R . . . !

    Ueberdruck meets Slideout Rmx

    Sam Punk Rmx


23.03.06 / "Dj Slideout" is the best selling track this month at

The "Face off e.p." reached rank 1! and is still doing the damage on all dancefloors around the world


28.01.06 / Überdruck Records welcomes "Dj Slideout"

Überdruck Records signed einen der talentiertesten HARD-ACID-TECH-TRANCE Producer aus Nordeutschland. Berdy Murbach aka "Dj Slideout" gibt seinen Einstand mit seiner "Face off E.P.", die gleich zwei verschiedene Titel enthält. Der "Rave the Place" Resident hat hier kompromisslose Produktionen abgeliefert die vor Energie und Druck nur so strotzen!  This will be a sell out release! Die Vinyl wird ab dem 13.02.06  erhältlich sein.

Well, its been a long time since he has written under his main alias, but Berdy Murbach, a.k.a. DJ Slideout is a busy man. After the sucessful release of the latest track on his own label Lengo Records (Mike Phobos, Lengo 005), and because the previous single "Leave Us Alone" had been released a couple of years ago, he decided to return with a new DJ Slideout release. With refreshed ideas and more power than ever before he´s newly signed to one of the worlds most highly respected hard dance labels, from germany: ÜBERDRUCK RECORDS.

This will be a sell out release! The Vinyl is available at the 13.02.06.


    Bloody Pimp

    Face off


5.01.06 / New in "Überdruck Records" Keyholder

Neu erhältlich "Überdruck Records" Schlüsselband


25.11.05 / New "Dj Mass in Orbit vs. The Diggerman" single out now!

when german producer and dj "mass in orbit" met with german radio-dj and host "the diggerman" for the first time it seemed to be statet fact that one day they should enter the studio to head for a project together. they finally finished the hardtrance production "critical condition". why setting up sounds for a messerschmidt 109 could do the job ? why using big drum arrangements if you can do it by machine guns ? after all the old-skool-styled track also contains a subtexted message to think about - "war means no solution". right nowadays some words to think twice ! "mass in orbit" looks back on a long list of projects, remixes and releases (mayhem, adam & glund, hypetraxx, Overdog and many more). his dj-sets made him spinning the decks all over europe. "the diggerman" is best known as host and dj at radio "sunshine live", where he does his daily show "djs after work". also he is djing all over the world since 19 years.

    Siege Mix

     Deep Club Mix

     Alert 303 Mix


17.08.05 / New "Überdruck Boys" Single out at the 31.08.05!

After millions of mails and questions - Here it is - directly out of the BRAINS of ÜBERDRUCK - "W.O.T.W." - the BRANDNEW hard-tech-trance BOMB on ÜBERDRUCK RECORDS. This track will be one of the new HIGHLIGHTS on ÜBERDRUCK RECORDS!

Nach Millionen Mails und Fragen hier nun endlich auf Vinyl - die neue ÜBERDRUCK BOYS - "W.O.T.W."!  Dieser Track wird garantiert zum nächsten EVERGREEN auf ÜBERDRUCK RECORDS - HOL SIE DIR!!!!

     Überdruck Mix first part

     Überdruck Mix second part


     The Crow Mix first part

     The Crow Mix second part


02.08.05 /  Überdruck Records truck at "Vision Parade" and "Impulz festival" 2005.

 Photos are online! More photos coming soon!

Click the picture to view the photos.


19.07.05 / New "Dj The Crow" Single out now!!

Ladies & Gentlemen.. B-Boys & B-Girls... DJ's & DJanes... es ist Zeit für die neue Solo Platte von DJ THE CROW... härter denn je... abgefuckter denn je... "GOT YA" ist das neue Meisterwerk der einzig wahren deutschen HARDTRANCE / HARD DANCE Meister! Diese Hymne sprengt garantiert jeden Dancefloor... GET IT or it gonna GET YA............

Ladies and Gentlemen.. B-Boys and B-Girls... DJ's and DJanes... its time for the new DJ THE CROW... harder than ever.. thicker than ever... "GOT YA" is the next MASTERPIECE from the HEROS of HARDTRANCE / HARD DANCE... This fucking Anthem gonna splash the brain's to the floor... GET IT or it gonna GET YA............

First reactions:

Just when you think things have blown over on the hard trance front, Uberdruck brings us another scorching release that's garunteed to destroy dancefloors all over Europe. The a-side by Uberdruck uses beefy bass laced with a thick acidline that will send you running for the hills in terror.

Just listened to the sample on GT and nearly pissed my self

Holy shit... what a fuckin tune.. nice 2 see uberdruck back on track, acid line is sweet as a nut.. and what the fuck is that grubby synth!!! spot on!! just wish i could get my 303s sounding that filthy!!! must buy -

     Überdruck Remix

     The Crow Mix


19.05.05 / New "Dj Mass in Orbit" E.P. Out now!!

Here comes the first Solo single on Überdruck records from the Producer & mastermind behind act`s like "Adam & Glund and Mayhem"

This fresh new DJ MASS IN ORBIT Single is pure HARD-TECH-TRANCE incl. A-Side "HARDCORE PUSSY" + B-Side "PRAYER 4 LIGHT"!!!!

Huge Hard-Trance at it`s best! (incl. a E- Volt remix pka as "Space Frog")

Hier ist die erste "DJ MASS IN ORBIT" Solo Single des Frankfurter Produzenten und Masterminds, von Projekten wie

"Adam & Glund und Mayhem", auf "Überdruck records".

Auf dieser Mega Hard-Tech-Trance Vinyl E.P sind 2 verschiedene Tracks enthalten, "HARDCORE PUSSY" + "PRAYER 4 LIGHT"

(incl. einem gigantischem E VOLT REMIX, besser bekannt als SPACE FROG!!!!!). Qualität made in Germany.

    Prayer 4 Light Mass in Orbit mix

    Hardcore Pussy

    Prayer 4 Light E Volt  rmi


14.05.05  /  Überdruck on the remix trip

We finish our remix work for "Überdruck Boys - bloody slut" this week.

Available at the 24.04.05 on Überdruck records No. UED23 including

"Sam Punk´s - bloody azz" rmx and "Dj The Crow mix" remastered!

First Reactions are:

"Awsome tune, didnt think the original could be improved much, but this is a proper 2005 remix.

Who expects anything other than quality from Uberdruck"

"WOW the original is one of my all time favirout tunes i uasully think classic tunes should never be touched

but in this case the lads at uberdruck have done a bang on job nice one!!!

    Überdruck Remix

    Sam Punk bloody azz Remix

    The Crow Mix remastered


14.04.05  /  Überdruck presents "Here`s Freddy"

"Here`s Freddy" is the name of our new production & release.

Out now! on the new label Uk. Including a Sam Punk remix

First reactions are :

"Stomping, just banged this one straight in the box. Uberdruck - Love the winding down synths and crazy use of the film samples.

They work really well together. That thundering Bass line will have me up all night.

The build with its forceful marching build thuds in so extreme you have to snarl your face up haha."

"Brilliant track, not much more to say, great job from the uberdruck duo and also big up to the GT crew for making this happen"

"Iv`e got to take my hat off to u guys @ GT. Uberdruck as always flawless production. Hard trance as it should be. Don't know how they do it but every track that they release is better than the last. Awsome first release on the label guys. Will definitely have this in my box for a while. Nice one!!"

    Überdruck Mix

    Sam Punk damned in hell Remix


28.01.05 /   "All good buddy" is the titel of the new "Überdruck presents Drugface" track.

Week 8/2005 the track reached position 2 in the "Music Mail" sales charts!

Available in all good recordstores at the 7.02.05. Or in our onlineshop now!

"Classic hard Uberdruck Trance. The production of course is amazing yet as always keeps things stripped.

Dark & menacing the vocal speaks of murder and fatal mistakes .Both sides feature a fat 303 acid line

but the AA’s Dj The Crow just has the edge for me with it’s flamethrower hoover riff. SR"

     Überdruck Mix

     Dj The Crow Mix


22.01.05 /   Here comes the new "Adam & Glund" called "Return of bass"

Die erste CLUB BOMBE für das neue Jahr 2005!

Dieses ist die MEGA Follow Up von den Top Produzenten aus Frankfurt auf ÜBERDRUCK RECORDS - und die bisher beste.

Eine mega fette BASSDRUM und eine absolut kompromisslose HARDTRANCE MELLOW schraubt diesen Track auf das MAXIMUM - 101% ÜBERDRUCK!!!!


@dam & Dj Overdog join forces again for more Uber pressure. Based around a massive vocal the A’s Mass In Orbit mix

keeps the kicks hard and the mix clean.

The flips Dj Overdog (Fakten/Suck Me Plasma) mix throws in a fresh scattered arpeggio that takes the track up to the next level.

Like the hype sez 101% Uberdruck! SR

In store now!

     Mass in Orbit Mix

     Dj Overdog Mix


3.11.04 / Repress of most wanted "Überdruck records" releases arrived!

We have finally a lot of sold out releases available again.

UED03/ Toolboy- fear the drill

UED04/ Schalldruck - Turntable junky

UED09/ Dj The Crow vs. Arne LII - The Speed

UED12/ Drugface - Cuntmaster Rmx Picture Disc!



22.10.04 /  Available now Überdruck records UED21 "Dj Ben Eye & Log:One"

In order to clarify the rumors. Yes it is true "Dj Ben Eye & Log:One" getting signed to "Überdruck records"

There first release is a two track EP. "Pleasure" and "The Life we lead" are the titels on that vinyl.

Be ready for some action from the south west of England. We will present the release together with the boys

at the 19th of November at "Athmosphere" in Seaton UK!


   The life we lead


29.09.04  /  Out now "Schalldruck records" No.04  :

Here are three unreleased classic tracks from Überdruck and The Crow on one Vinyl!!

"Überdruck & The Crow - unreleased tracks"  (SCD04)

Including the titels "Space"," I´m mad" and "Lady´s and lady´s"

   I´m mad    

   Lady´s and lady´s    



29.09.04 / Now we are back from our New Zealand/Australia tour.


We would like to say thank you to all the clubbers down there. We had a wicked time and a lot of fun.

Special thanks going to Mark & Jason at Bass and Seb & Debbie from Decadance. See you soon again!


29.09.04 /  Special tracks produced for our Australia/New Zealand tour


We have done two brandnew tracks for our tour. One track for Australia "Überdruck vs. Jason Midro"

and one track for New Zealand "Überdruck vs. The Decadance Warriors"!

Available at the 11th of October on Überdruck records No. 20 (UED20) as an E.P. We will present the tracks exclusive on our tour dates.

Überdruck vs Decadance

The Crow vs Jason Midro


17.08.04 /  Überdruck-The Crow Australia tour dates 2004



 4.09.04  - Sorento

10.09.04 - Cairns

11.09.04  - Darwin

17.09.04 - Bass Station Melbourne

18.09.04 -  Transmission Sydney


3.08.04 /  Überdruck New Zealand tour dates 2004


Sony presents the Decadance 3rd Birthday Tour featuring The Kings of Hardstyle-ish trance - Überdruck (Germany)

After three years, Decadance now stronger than ever, presents the ultimate showcase of what the New Zealand HardDance scene is all about. Join the tour to celebrate our 3rd birthday in Auckland, Wellington & Christchurch with state of the art laser shows, visual projection, more performers, and over fifty of the most respected New Zealand DJs. And last but not least - expect the toughest and most unique 21st century sound delivered with uncompromising German precision by the world's Kings of Hardstyle - ÜBERDRUCK


30.04.04  /    Gerichtsurteile gegen Pulsive Media!


An dieser Stelle könnt Ihr unsere eingereichten Klagen und die bisher ergangenen Gerichtsurteile

gegen die Firma "Pulsive Media" wegen nicht erfolgter Abrechnung und Zahlung von Lizenzen einsehen.

"Pulsive Media" besteht aus dem Polizeibeamten Stefan Bentrup (auch handelnd unter dem Namen Silvio von Lichtenstein)

und seinem Partner Frank Cornelis. Diese Urteile sind der bisherige stand der Dinge.

Weitere Klagen sind bzw. werden noch eingereicht und warten auf Ihre Verhandlung.

 Mehr dazu in Kürze.

1.Urteil EVBraunschweig.pdf

2. Urteil    18-O-259-03.pdf 

3. Urteil     72C452-03.pdf

4. Urteil   72C204-03.pdf

5. Urteil     72C146-03.pdf 


23.06.04  /  Out on the 26th of July  "Überdruck records" no.19  :


"Mayhem - Rise and cry"  (UED19)


The Buddy´s Sean Dexter and Mass in Orbit supply the next strike under their "Mayhem" alias.

The release including an "Mass in Orbit, Sean Dexter and an Alex A. mix.

The "Sean Dexter" mix is definately one for the trance lovers. The "Mass in Orbit and Alex A." mix

is one for the harder heads. You can listen to the track under the point "Label"!


22.06.04  /   Out since the 16th of August on "Schalldruck records" no.3 :


"Ad Nauseam  - The house of 1000 Corpses"  (SCD03)


Watch out for the first "Darkstyle" release of “Ad Nauseam” (from Melbourne, Australia)

This is the artistic spawn of producer Ben ‘Sanders’ Ellis (producer of Klasic & Sanders)

and the infamous Dj Hellraiser who have a reputation for spreading their blend of dark 303 acid and techno.

These two maniacs who have just been signed exclusively to Überdruck records, because their reign of terror and obscenity

has only just begun to put holes into happiness. You can listen to the track under the point "Label"!


13.07.03 / Dear license partner and friends. Due to the frequent demand here now one official statement of us.

"Pulsive Media" has no more rights at the titles produced & composed  by us.

Including all Remixes produced by us!


13.07.03 / Sehr geehrte Lizenzpartner und Freunde. Aufgrund der häufigen Nachfrage hier nun ein offizielles Statement von uns.

"Pulsive Media" hat keinerlei Rechte mehr an den von uns produzierten & komponierten Titeln.

Einschließlich aller von uns produzierten Remixes !